Erik Ingebrigtsen

Head of Section SVT faculty administration

+47 45066151 +47 45066151 Dragvoll, Loholt allé 85, Paviljong A*237

Background and activities

Erik Ingebrigtsen is the project manager for MedIm - Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging. He also performs other administrative tasks at the Faculty of Medicine, such as handling applications for grants towards research infrastructure. In his work with MedIm, Ingebrigtsen is closely connected different scientific groups at DMF and other faculties at NTNU. As the Research School is a nationwide network, he also collaborates on a daily basis with imaging-groups elsewhere in Norway, as well as abroad.

The Research School aims to improve research training in medical imaging, and serves both PhD candidates, course teachers and research administrators in the field.

Ingebrigtsen is project associate for Nansen Neuroscience Network, acting as a contact person and facilitator in the Trondheim region.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Ingebrigtsen, Erik. (2010) Privileged Origins: "National Models" and Reforms of Public Health in Interwar Hungary. Imagining the West in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
  • Ingebrigtsen, Erik. (2009) I monter post mortem: metodiske og etiske utfordringer for medisinhistoriske utstillinger. Historier om helse.
  • Ingebrigtsen, Erik. (2008) Béla Johan (1889-1983) and Public Health in Inter-war Hungary. Of Medicine and Men. Biographies and Ideas in European Social Medicine between the World Wars.
  • Ingebrigtsen, Erik. (2006) Right Radicalism and Rural Health in Hungary, 1933-1941. Science, Culture, and Politics. European Perspectives on Medicine, Sickness and Health.
  • Ingebrigtsen, Erik. (2003) Travelers in Science and Public Health: The Rockefeller Foundation's Fellowship-program in Interwar Hungary. Cultural Exchanges between Central/Eastern Europe and America.

Postal address

SVT faculty administration Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim Norway