Hans M. Nordahl

Professor, Ph.D Department of Neuroscience Faculty of Medicine

+47 72824290
Nevrosenteret, 121.03.030, Øya, Edvard Griegs gate 8, Trondheim

Background and activities

Dr. Nordahl is professor in behavioural medisin at NTNU. He is also a project leader at the Regional research and treatment unit for Trauma and PTSD at St.Olav Hospital, Trondheim.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


Part of book/report

  • Nordahl, Hans Morten. (2015) Personlighetsforstyrrelser. Håndbok i kognitiv terapi 2. utgave.
  • Nordahl, Hans Morten. (2014) Metakognitiv terapi. Psykoterapi - Tilnærminger og metoder.
  • Nordahl, Hans Morten. (2012) Metacognitive processes in change and therapy. Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning.