Jacques Koreman

Professor Department of Language and Literature

+47 73596531 +47 91897722
Bygg 4, Dragvoll, office 4503

Background and activities

Research interestsI am intrested in experimental phonetics and speech technology. I work in both basic and applied research. At present I am involved in research on the realization of prosodic prominence across languages and in the investigation of phonetic reduction in spontaneous Dutch spoken in communicative situations. I am also the project leader of a cross-disciplinary project on Computer-Assisted Listening and Speaking Tutor for Norwegian for foreigners. You can find more information, also about previous research topics, on my personal homepage.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

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  • Martinez-Paricio, Violeta; Koreman, Jacques; Husby, Olaf Anders. (2015) L1-L2map: una base de datos fónica para la enseñanza de la pronunciación de segundas lenguas. Perspectivas actuales en el análisis fónico del habla. Tradición y avances en la fonética experimental.
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