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Department of Engineering Design and Materials Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim Norway

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Tribocorrosion: Tribocorrosion is a phenomenon that produces degradation of a material by a simultaneous wear and corrosion attack .  Tribocorrosion is an important industrial phenomenon since it concerns a wide variety of industries (oil & gas, automotive, nuclear, aircraft, marine, food, biomedical, etc.) and it can have significant implications for human health. 

Surface technologies: Material degradation because of corrosion, wear and exhaustion normally starts at the surface. Surface Technology is a key technology to enhance the lifetime of the materials compared to these structural mechanisms of breakdown. In addition Surface Technology is a key technology to add functionality to surfaces and combine multifunctional surfaces.


  • Establishment of the TribologyLab at NTNU/SINTEF.
  • Basic research for understanding the Silicon sawing process.
  • New methods for Silicon wafer cutting.
  • Coatings and surface treatments for use in riser tensioning systems in tribocorrosive environments.
  • Novel coatings and surface treatments for wear resistance for offshore wind turbines applications.



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  • Igual Munoz, Anna; Espallargas, Nuria. (2011) Tribocorrosion mechanisms in sliding contacts. Tribocorrosion of passive metals and coatings.