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Tribology Laboratory

The Tribology lab was created in 2008 after collaboration between NTNU and SINTEF through the Gemini Centre "Robust Material Selection and Design –Offshore Applications". The lab team consists of researchers from NTNU and SINTEF, in addition to PhD Students and postdocs.

The research in the laboratory focuses on many aspects within tribology: tribocorrosion; sliding corrosion and erosion corrosion; tribological problems related to dry and lubricated systems; modelling tribology. The research in the lab supports the industry in finding solutions related to wear, lubrication, friction, and maintenance and the lab is a a meeting place for the industries and European research centres and universities.

The laboratory has the following equipment:

  • Pin-on-disk equipment (CSM Instruments)
  • Multi-station friction and wear test machine (Phoenix Tribology)
  • Rubber Wheel
  • Erosion-corrosion equipment (SINTEF)
  • Tribocorrosion (Resmat)
  • Surface characterization: IFM, SEM, optical microscopy, profilometry, FIB, XRD, XPS, EPMA
  • Microhadness and nanoidentation
20 Jan 2017