Øivind Kure

Professor Department of Telematics

+47 64844736 Granav 33, 2027 Kjeller

Background and activities

Research area

Overall I work with different aspects of data communication. In particular I have worked on performance evaluation ,interface devices, QoS,  wireless networks including  multi-hop and sensor networks and some security aspects. I believe it is important to address cross displimary aspects of communictation, i.e communication in an application domain.

Research Group: Networks


·        Professor at NTNU  2000 -

·        Research manager and researcher  Telenor Research 1989 -2000

·        Postdoc at Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1888

·        Ph.d. Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1988

·        Trainee EXXON Norway 1980-1982

·        Siv ing. NTNU 1980

I have extensive experience as an EU project and proposal evaluator. I also have fairly broad experiences in consulting and prototyping advanced communication services

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Department of Telematics Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim Norway