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Background and activities

Born September 18, 1951, Norwegian.

Professor in reservoir engineering, NTNU. Siv.ing.( 1975, NTH) and Dr.ing.(1983,NTH) both in petroleum technology /reservoir engineering.

Experience: 35 years of experience in reservoir engineering research and teaching. The research has been laboratory based investigations on oil recovery processes including low salinity flooding, heavy oil recovery techniques, chemical methods (including microbial methods and methods using nanofluids), secondary and tertiary gas injection. Has started several companies together with colleagues ( ResLab (now Weatherford Labs), GeoProbing Technology and Deep Sea Anchors).

Academic and professional committees: Presently member of 7 international technical and review committees on reservoir engineering / EOR.

Doctoral student supervision: 17 PhD graduates (in reservoir engineering) are supervised and presently 6 PhD candidates are supervised towards a graduation in 2014-2017.


  • Experimental reservoir engineering (routine and special core analysis)
  • Evaluation of fractured reservoirs
  • Enhanced oil recovery methods
  • Unconventional reservoirs (heavy oil and tight gas)


  • TPG 4112 Geomechanics and Flow in Porous Media
  • TPG 4117 Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs
  • TPG 4225 Fractured Reservoirs

On-going research:

  • Low salinity surfactant flooding: PhD-candidate; Hamid Hosseinzade Khanamiri
  • Storage of CO2 in aquifers: Post doc Raheleh Farokhpoor, PhD-candidates: Szczepan Polak and Amir Taheri
  • Nanofluids for enhanced oil recovery: PhD-candidates: Luky Hendraningrat, Shidong Li and Katherine Rose Aurand

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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