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Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering Norwegian University of Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim

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Sveinungs homepageProfessor Water and Wastewater systems at Institute for Water and Environment, NTNU, born 1951.

Teaches subjects "Urban Water Systems" and "Water and Wastewater Systems Specialisation"

Mentor for students at project works and master thesis

Previously senior researcher and research manager at SINTEF

Participates with initiation and implementation of research projects, i.e. EU programs. Manager of EU projects CARE-W and CARE-S and EU network CityNet, plus researcher exchange program SafeWater (Marie Curie). Work area leader EU IP project TECHNEAU (safe drinking water from source to tap) and central in development of EU IP project  PREPARED (meeting impact of climate change with existing urban water systems). Now participant i development of new initiatives within urban water/energy nexus.

Board member European Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP) 2006-2008, and initiator and leader of Norwegian branch of platform. Member of International Water Association (IWA) network "Leading Edge Sustainable Asset Management" (LESAM)

Board member  Breivoll Inspection Technology (Pipe Scanner)

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Journal publications


  • Sægrov, Sveinung. (2005) Computer Aided Rehabilitation of Water Networks. IWA Publishing. 2005. ISBN 1843390914.

Part of book/report

  • Nie, Linmei; Li, Pingju; Nilsen, Vegard; Hem, Lars John; Sægrov, Sveinung. (2012) Modelling Climate Change and Urbanization Impacts on Urban Stormwater and Adaptation Capacity. Urban Drainage Modelling : extended abstracts of the Ninth International Conference on Urban Drainage Modelling, Belgrade, 4-6 September 2012.


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  • Thorolfsson, Sveinn T; Lindholm, Oddvar; Sægrov, Sveinung. (2008) Veiledning i klimatilpasset ovwervannshåndtering. 2008. ISBN 978-82-414-0298-2. Norsk Vann Rapport (162-2008).
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  • Sægrov, Sveinung; Fiksdal, Liv; Lange, Hans Iver. (2000) Modell for tid til brudd og gjennomtæring for ledninger av støpejern. 2000. ISBN 82-14-01373-9.
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