Design, consumption and culture

This research group is an arena for interdisciplinary cooperation and research within academic groups and between academic groups and the economic life. The research in this group has as their starting point a growing interest in the cultural aspects of design and consumption. In the late modern society design and consumption is no longer only connected to basic needs. To a growing degree, consumption stands out as existential in the sense that it is being used by citizens to signalise identity, attachment and lifestyle. The design of products is not only about use, but about taste and cultural competence as well. The research group functions as a forum for development of knowledge within these subjects that explore the interaction between cultures, technologies, consumption and design.

Research projects with their starting point in this research group:

  • Dynamo- chocolate, enjoyment and innovation

This project is to partly explore how tradition and renewal has been played out over time, through a historical analysis of Nidars development over time. The project will also look at Nidar through a contemporary perspective.

Responsible for this research group: Per Østby

  • The salutary and the sinful- a project on food

The goal of the project is to focus on how our relationship to food, tobacco and beverage has developed from the 19th century up until the present.

Responsible for this project: Stig Kvaal

  • Turning a Green Machine Green. Tomra and the Reverse Vending Machine, 1970-2000

This PhD dissertation is on the history of the Norwegian company Tomra Systems ASA and their Reverse Vending Machine used for the return of empty bottles and cans in grocery stores.

Contact: Finn Arne Jørgensen