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Marianne Nielsen Kvande defends her PhD at D3 NTNU Dragvoll. Trial lecture: Can Religion and Spirituality be used to promote health from 10.15 today and defence from 12.30.

A consortium with the Center won a bid for a large Health project in Horizon 2020

The project Inter-sectoral Health and Environment Research for Innovation (INHERIT) “Achieving Healthy and Environmentally Sustainable Lives for all” is research on inter-sectoral policies and interventions that promotes health and well-being across the social gradient by tackling key environmental stressors and related inequalities in the areas of living, consuming and moving. INHERIT will bring together relevant stakeholders from different sectors, including the private sector. It will support intersectoral cooperation within the areas of environment, climate and health. 

Geir Arild Espnes, Monica Lillefjell and Bård Li have been involved from the Center for Health Promotion and Research. The center leads a large work package in the project and is, as such, part of the project’s leadership team. The application process has been coordinated by EuroHealthNet – where the Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management at NTNU is a member.

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Last week the Center had visitors from the SUPP project in Poland where researchers at the Center takes part 

SUPP is an innovative project dedicated to the creation of a comprehensive program to facilitate foreign students with an early integration into the local and academic communities, and supporting them in overcoming the challenges associated with studying in a foreign country. As part of the project, a thorough analysis will be carried out of the needs and best practice in the field of psychosocial support in higher education institutions. This analysis will form the basis for the creation of methods of psychological problems prevention, promotion of student integration, and support for students requiring specialized help.

The SUPP team: Magdalena Lazarewicz, Aleksandra Winiarska, Michael O’Donnell and Mateusz Machnij. In the middle the Center representative Unni Karin Moksnes.

Visitors from the National University of Singapore

The Center has this week had visitors from the National University of Singapore, here to investigate collaboration possibilities. They are especially interested health promotion in community based health care, but are also doing research on conical diseases and pediatrics.

The visitors was Professor Violeta Lopez, and the PhD-candidates Siriwan Lim and Zhou Wentao.

Visitors from the National University of Singapore, photo

PRACTA- a project on more health promoting consultations

The Center takes part in a project, PRACTA, to teach about how to carry out more health promoting consultations. Read more about the project here: PRACTA project.

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Did you know:

that health promotion research seeks for resources for health while prevention research seeks for causes for disease?