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A brand NEW video describing the the PRACTA project is now available on PRACTA website.


Riina Kiik and  Siri Forsmo to Canberra to discuss new  research collaborations with University of Canberra and Australian National University.
The Center has for several years worked together with the two large universities of Canberra, Australia: the University of Canberra (UC) and the Australian National University (ANU).
At the University of Canberra the collaboration has been to develop heath promotional/sustainable healthy Cities, suburbs and communities. With ANU the Center have had a long lasting collaboration on public-health, with a long row of visitors to ANU from NTNU and the other way around. The Center has also been involved in developing a Joint-Phd between NTNU and ANU on Behavior and Health.
In order to strengthen these collaborations and develop it further, the visit of Professor Riina Kiik,,
Dept. of  Social Work and Health Science and Professor Siri Forsmo, Dept. of Public Health and General Practice from NTNU, February 1.-4., has  been an important step.
In the meeting UC several new ideas for collaboration based on what we already work with  between the universities were discussed, especially were the Malvik municipality (Norway) and Crace (Canberra, Australia)  research, but also to develop more collaboration based on HUNT was in focus. 
The HUNT dataset was also and important ingredient in the discussions with ANU. It was further discussed how tho get research projects that really could be a real «carrot" for PhD-students.
The HUNT data could be such a carrot. The Centers research on health promotion is well known in both universities, and a variety of research activities are are going on and taking form. This weeks meetings were to discuss research collaboration other areas as as well.

From the meetings at University of Canberra:

Back from left: Assistant Professor Kaisa S. Ball, Professor Peter Camberlain, Professor Helen Berry.
In front: PhD-candidate: Arnhild Myhr CHPR, NTNU, Professor Riina Kiik, ISH, NTNU,  Professor Siri Forsmo, ISM, NTNU, and Professor Peter Hassmesn, UC.


The Center gets a research group in in Health Promotion and Community Care based at Gjøvik Campus.

Members in the Research Group of Health Promotion and Community Care in meeting at Gjøvik Campus. Kari Bjerke Batt-Rawden, Ruca Maass, Kirsti S. Anthun and Øyfrid Larsen Moen.

Read more about HPCC


Corey Keyes, Emory University Atlanta, the most famous positive mental health researchers in the world, is visiting Trondheim with a lecture on Friday

Keyes is famous for researching the positive side of mental health, flourishing.
Learn more about flourishing and Keyes research in his TED speach.


New research article from Marianne Kvande et al.

Filming for the PRACTA project

Yesterday 26.10. a movie was made of the large project PRACTA: Promoting
Active Ageing in Public Health Care: Recognizing Patient Psychosocial Needs and Enhancing
Doctor Interpersonal Competencies that the Center is involved in.

Filming for the PRACTA project, photo

After a long day of filming the crew is satisfied.  
Left on the picture are the 
two PRACTA members Mirosława Adamus and Mariusz Jaworski.

Good representation from the Center on the EPH Conference in Milan

The Center had a workshop where the theme was: Health Promotion in everyday settings: The Nordic way
Here Geir Arild Espnes led the Workshop together with Elisabeth Fosse from the HEMIL-Center in Bergen. 
From the Center Unni Karin Moksnes, Siw Tone Innstrand, Marit Christensen, Beate André and Gerd Inger Ringdal had presentations.

In addition Arnhild Myhr (see below) had an electronic poster at the conference.

Arnhild Myhr,bilde


«International conference: «Children with cancer and their families»

Mary-Elizabeth Bradley Eilertsen participated and presented a poster at the:
- 47th SiOP, Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology, Cape Town, South Africa. 8-11 October, 2015. “Resilience and mental health in parents of children surviving acute lymphoblastic leukemia"
If interested in more information please contact her: mary.e.eilertsen@hist.no.




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that health promotion research seeks for resources for health while prevention research seeks for causes for disease?