Department of Social Anthropology

The Department of Social Anthropology at NTNU was established in 1975. Today we have a staff of 11 permanent researchers, 2 working in the administration and 13 PhD-scholars.

The department offers study programmes at all levels - bachelor's degree, master's degree and PhD-degree. The department is also host of the Programme for African Studies, a multidisciplinary programme with teaching on bachelor and master level.

Totally, the department of Social Anthropology annually has more than 400 undergraduate students and approximately 75 graduate students.

Current research and teaching at the department covers a wide variety of subjects. In addition to classical anthropology, themes such as anthropology of organizations, colonialism/postcolonialism, themes concerning the body and understanding of illnesses, and Homo Faber - the tool using man, are central.

Research Network established at the Department: Community of Organizational Anthropology


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