Master's Degree Programme, 2 years

MSc in Biotechnology

- About the programme

Foto: Geir Mogen /NTNUBiotechnology involves studies of molecules, cells and organisms  with the aim of understanding how biological processes work, and  to be able to develop methods for production of biomolecules like vaccines, enzymes, plants and many others. New and advanced methods of analysis make it possible to study biological reactions  and systems better than just a few years ago.

The science programme in biotechnology is aimed towards the scientific research with focus on cell- and molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology. One of the objectives is to give the students an in-depth understanding of the biological processes in bacteria, plants and animals and possible applications of these processes.

During the course of the study it will be placed emphasis on practical skills in central courses such as cell- and molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology in addition to research training. The latter includes statement of testable hypotheses, strategies for testing, collecting data, and interpretation of the results. The master study contain a theoretical and methodical dimension that can be translated to other scientific areas.

This programme is suitable for you if you have a:

  • bachelor's degree in cell- and molecular biology
  • bachelor's degree in bioengineering
  • bachelor's degree in food technology from Norwegian university colleges
  • education corresponding to 3 years of study within biotechnology or biochemistry

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Application Deadlines

15 JANUARY: International applicants
The online application is now open for self-financed and Quota Scheme applicants.

1 MARCH: Nordic applicants
The 1 March deadline may apply if you have a bachelor's degree from a Nordic country or are a Nordic citizen. See
 admission procedures.

15 APRIL: Norwegian applicants
If you are a Norwegian citizen and hold a bachelor's degree from Norway. See admission procedures.