– a virtual conference 22–23 April
Women holding hands. Photo
Foto: Esben Krogstad Kamstrup/NTNU

Welcome to an international conference for teachers and researchers interested in the topic of bodily learning! BODILY LEARNING will be a fully virtual conference arranged by NTNU in Trondheim, 22–23 April 2021. There will be no conference fee. 

The conference program holds key notes from different research fields. The aim of the conference is to bring people together, in the digital space, from different backgrounds and educational contexts where the whole body is an essential part of the learning process, to discuss different aspects of bodily learning together.

The objective of the conference

The impulse for this conference is that bodily learning challenges dominating learning theory, and can contribute to extending and rearticulating learning theories. 

This conference welcomes submissions that explore bodily learning, which in short means the body’s involvement in learning processes. 

The context is the increased attention the body is given in learning processes and discussions within diverse practice and research fields about body and learning.  

However, bodily learning, as well as theoretical perspectives on the body’s importance for learning, seem not yet to have had major impact in central learning contexts like school and teacher education. These educational institutions still seem to predominantly to organise their teaching activities based in strands of cognitive learning theory, where the body is not fully included as central for the learning processes. These and other learning strategies still also involve the body, which needs to be thematised, investigated and theorised. Bodily learning needs continuous definition, investigation in different contexts, as well as articulation.  How the body is involved in learning and what the value of bodily learning needs specification in different contexts and subjects.

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