Gemini Centre at NTNU and SINTEF Brussels Office

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About the Gemini Centre

The NTNU and SINTEF Brussels Offices Gemini Centre is a joint initiative by NTNU and SINTEF Brussels Offices. The Gemini Centre is a model for strategic cooperation between NTNU and SINTEF, where we coordinate EU efforts and resources to Norway. The Gemini Centre will be operative from 2020 to 2024.

NTNU and SINTEF have shared facilities in Brussels since six years. The two offices provide strategic advice on European policies, promote the organizations' strategic positions, manage or participate in Brussels' strategic networks and initiatives, and offer professional services respectively to NTNU and SINTEF research communities.

The primary purpose of the Gemini Centre is to contribute to strengthen the NTNU-SINTEF partnership, and thereby impact on the number of projects both institutes participate in. By working closer together, the partners also aim to increase their strategic capacity to interact with authorities,businesses and the public sector, and to influence and promote joint interests and priorities. The partners may especially make a difference in positioning and pre-award phases.

Our aims

  • Promote and represent joint NTNU/SINTEF initiatives in Brussels. 
  • Position NTNU and SINTEF jointly in initiatives of relevance in Europe contributing to increase the number of EU projects and partnerships we are involved in. 


Collaboration areas

  • Clean Aviation
  • Oceans
  • Construction


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Latest news

Latest news

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Successful workshop in Brussels 26–27 October 2021

  • Brussels workshop participants, 26-27 October 2021, photo.Visits from Ron van Manen, Head Of Strategy, Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, and Carsten Horn Hanssen, Counsellor for Transport and Communications at Norwegian Mission to the EU
  • Fruitful discussions on SINTEF’s and NTNU’s possible contribution to a green aviation in Europe
  • Meetings in the Clean Sky 2 Joint undertaking (soon to become the European Partnership of Clean Aviation (EPCA))
  • Social networking at the cocktail and dinner event
  • Agreement to continue collaboration in applications and the Green Aviation Gemini Centre (from November 2021)

Photo, from left: 

André Larsen (SINTEF Digital), Trond Bakken (SINTEF Digital/Brussels Office), Dimosthensis Peftitsis (Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (IE), NTNU), Camilla Knudsen Tveiten (IE, NTNU/Brussels Office), Ida Hjort (SINTEF Energy), Espen Eberg (SINTEF Energy), Pål Keim Olsen (IE, NTNU), Markus Brachner (SINTEF Digital), Steffen Møller-Holst (SINTEF Industry), Jonas Nøland (IE, NTNU).