Head of Office Massimo Busuoli

– I love ‘70s disco, and have held 2000 concerts with my band. Music is therapy for me. I like to communicate, and am often called as a guest in a programme on a national Italian radio about what is happening in Brussels, says NTNU’s new employee in Brussels, Massimo Busuoli.

Massimo BusuoliMassimo Busuoli is NTNU's new man in Brussels. He has extensive experience from the EU, a master’s degree in physics and loves ‘70s disco.

By Anne Sliper Midling, NTNU

You have been director of ENEA – the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development in Brussels since 2006. Why did you want to work for NTNU?

– I like to be challenged by new adventures. I love to create things from the ground up, and I like to follow what I've created. This gives me that opportunity, says Busuoli.

What will be the biggest challenges for NTNU's office in Brussels?

– Brussels is an important arena, and it's really the place to be. There are several reasons to be here above and beyond the EU and Horizon 2020. Brussels is a stage, and a powerful venue for building networks —even in the business community. But there are many people standing in front of this stage who jump up and down to get attention. That means you have to be creative so you can jump up when other people are coming down. That is exactly what I try to achieve for every new initiative I manage. Now it is important to build NTNU up to be a key player in Brussels, and to keep our activity at a respectable level, he says.

How will you work with NTNU’s researchers?

– The office and I are NTNU’s new tools. I now have to build mutual trust with NTNU researchers, and make sure they get used to the idea that they have a new service function they can use. People generally tend to be wary of what is new. I have to get researchers at NTNU to understand that I can be useful. I am here to give advice and help, and I'm not going to force someone to do something they do not want to do. I'm not going to meddle in the regular activities of researchers.

What will you start with?

– I'm going to survey the university, and see which holes I can fill. I have to get an overview of what I have to sell to the EU system, and how to promote the university. I will also tell people about the potential offered by different networks.

Tell me about your background.

– I have a master’s degree in physics and am a very good generalist. I have worked extensively with the transfer of technology to industry. I am a skilled marketing man who understands researchers’ language and can translate it into something that is saleable. I have collaborated with NTNU previously through the European Energy Alliance and I know NTNU’s former Rector Torbjørn Digernes. I think he is a very nice person to work with. I have also worked with SINTEF, and I've been to Trondheim. It took a while to get there, but it is a beautiful place.

– My door will always be open. My motto for the office is that I am happy when researchers are satisfied, says Massimo Busuoli.

What three things are you best at?

1. Having a vision and following it.
2. I am certainly not shy, and very good at communication. I come from Bologna in Italy. We are known for being cheerful and optimistic.
3. I am very proactive in suggesting and finding solutions.

NTNU Brussels Office launch event

Gunnar Bovim, Bjørn Haugstad, Dag Rune Olsen, Unni Steinsmo

NTNU Rector Gunnar Bovim, State Secretary Bjørn Haugstad, UiB Rector Dag Rune Olsen and SINTEF CEO and President Unni Steinsmo at the launch event of the NTNU Brussels Office on 22 September 2015. Pictures from the launch event on Flickr.