NTNU in Brussels

Map: NTNU in Trondheim, Gjøvik, Ålesund, Brussels, Japan

NTNU in Brussels works to promote and strengthen NTNU's image and participation in EU and related initiatives. It provides relevant information, operational consulting and support to NTNU employees willing to work in and contribute to the European Research Area.

The office represents «the door to NTNU» for organizations that want to start collaborations and create synergies with NTNU and «the door to Europe» for employees interested in making use of the services the office offers.

The office can assist academic groups in identifying and participating in leading European networks and in long-term positioning with respect to relevant European organizations, alliances and platforms. The office can also assist in identifying appropriate funding opportunities and building partnerships and consortia for specific funding announcements.

NTNU Alumni Network Europe aim to link NTNU with European business and society.

NTNU Alumni Network Europe

Video: Einar Brøndlund, CEO of MHWirth, interviewed by Massimo Busuoli, Head of Office at the NTNU Brussels Office.

Brøndlund will lead and coordinate the work in NTNU Alumni Network Europe, a network of NTNU alumni in Europe. The network aims to strengthen NTNU's collaboration with business and working life in Europe.

NTNU Alumni European Conference
8 November 2017

See photos from the conference on Flickr.

Massimo Busuoli

By Anne Sliper Midling, NTNU

Head of Office Massimo BusuoliYou have been director of ENEA – the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development in Brussels since 2006. Why did you want to work for NTNU?

– I like to be challenged by new adventures. I love to create things from the ground up, and I like to follow what I've created. This gives me that opportunity, says Busuoli.

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