Office activities and facilities



Given the large plethora of excellent Research, Education and Innovation stakeholders existing at European level and present in Brussels, visibility is crucial to become a desired player in the EU arena and increase the number of invitations in project consortia or relevant working groups.

In this context, the NTNU Bruxelles office performs, when necessary and possible, the following activities:

  • Participate to relevant public events (seeking opportunities, catching relevant info, networking, appropriate questions/comments) and send the related information to the internal NTNU groups of reference
  • Participate to H2020 infodays (seeking opportunities, catching relevant info, networking) and send the relevant information to the internal groups of reference
  • Organise or contribute to the organization of specific events to promote NTNU competences
  • Follow specific Brussels-Based networks where possible and actively contribute to them.
    In this context, Brussels office is currently involved in the following initiatives:
    • UniLion (Role: founder and chair)
    • CESAER (Member of the Task force Funding instruments)
    • ScienceBusiness (main contact)
    • EERA in collaboration with the energy TSO director
  • Interact with European Commission and local players (both Norwegian and non-Norwegian)
  • Accompany relevant EC stakeholders during Trondheim based activities/events to nurture the existing collaboration at Brussels level when relevant.

It is of crucial importance for NTNU to be actively participating in relevant platforms, alliances and other initiatives of relevance given their high potential impact increasing the number of high level participations/collaborations at European level.

In this context NTNU Brussels office: 

  • Advises on relevant policies to allow NTNU to elaborate anticipatory actions
  • Advises on relevant initiatives where NTNU should strategically enter, possibly with a leading role
  • Promotes participation of NTNU experts in relevant tables/bodies
  • Supports NTNU’s topic proposals for insertion in H2020 WPs
  • Promotes NTNU positions on specific dossiers
  • Proposes strategic initiatives to the Faculties and support them in their implementation
  • Coordinates, in collaboration with the Faculties EU advisors and the coordinator for International affairs, the participation in relevant EU platforms/initiatives
  • Collaborate with the Coordinator for International Affairs in the definition of strategies and position papers to improve NTNU positioning and influence at EU level

Apart from the presence of the EC institutions, representing a natural counterpart for a liaison office, Brussels is a place where a lot of different relevant organization have established representatives.

Universities, RTOs, Industries, National funding agencies, Regions, etc are among them and represent an interesting set of counterparts to collaborate with.

Thanks to this, many projects under creation are circulating and a lot of information and brokerage events connected to specific calls are organized in the city.

Based on the extensive network of relevant contacts owned by NTNU Brussels, the office operates in the following ways:

  • Contribute to reinforce strategic collaborations with European key stakeholders by also managing bilateral dialogues and organizing exchanges with the ones considered of interest at central level or by the Faculties concerned
  • Scout project opportunities to be proposed to the Faculties
  • Improve internal culture about EU opportunities (including hosting and collaboration in preparing study visits)
  • Support high quality partners search
  • Confront project ideas or facilitate the dialogue with EU project officers (where possible) to receive useful clarifications

Every semester, the NTNU Brussels office opens two trainee positions for NTNU students.

More about the traineship positions.

One Hour with Europe Series

The Brussels Office organizes monthly appointments to connect Bussels with Norway by mean of webinars about relevant EU initiatives presented by EC officials.

The initiative aims to keep interested colleagues up to date on what is happening in Brussels, and about the latest novelties on Funding Programmes on a monthly basis by means of interactive meetings. The events highlights the future opportunities that the various Brussels initiatives hold for Norwegian researchers.

Find more information about the One Hour with Europe.


On demand webinars 

Specific webinars with EC representatives and/or Brussels stakeholders can be organized on demand or to present specific EU initiatives to NTNU colleagues in Norway.

This tool is also used for teaching purposes, for example by the NV faculty who every year hold a webinar with EC representatives in the course: Framework for the food industry.



Work stations as well as meeting/workshop room(s) are at disposal for visiting NTNU colleagues. The office manages the booking and provides support for the organization of coffee breaks/lunch breaks.

The same offer can be provided to NTNU affiliates/partners with the specific aim to reinforce collaboration/relationship.

Check the logistic offer and booking of meeting rooms