Funds for a unified campus and the Ocean Space Centre on the state budget

News 7 October 2019

Funds for a unified campus and the Ocean Space Centre on the state budget

Unified campus received 40 million NOK and Ocean Space Centre 55 million NOK on the state budget to start pre-projects in 2020. This gives NTNU better predictability and the opportunity to move forward in the development of two very important national projects.

Collage of NTNUs Main building and Ocean Space Centre

Written by Hanna Maria Jones

Unifying NTNU's campus in Trondheim is a main grip to increase interaction between the disciplines in technology, the humanities and the social sciences.

– Climate challenges in an increasingly digitalized and globalized world require more than ever interaction between people, technology and the society around us. Proximity between technology, humanities and the social sciences is an important factor, because interdisciplinary collaboration generates knowledge that can help solve the complex challenges our society faces. A unified campus will facilitate this, says acting rector Anne Borg.

The Ocean Space Centre is the future national center for education, research and technology development for the marine space industry.

– We are very pleased that funds will be allocated to the Ocean Space Centre. This is a national project, important for several sectors of the business community and for NTNU. Our education environment in ocean space is world leading. It is unique that students and researchers work so closely together in the same laboratories. Therefore, it is a very important contribution to Norway as a sea nation to put these facilities in place, which we look forward to developing together with Sintef, says the rector.

With the predictability that these funds provides, NTNU can move forward in the planning of the project work.

– It is important for us to on an overall level keep a steady pace in the projects. We have received less than we have requested, which is why we must prioritize between activities and in addition look at what we may contribute from our ordinary grants, says the rector.

It is Statsbygg who is the builder of both projects and has the responsibility for project development, regulation and implementation of the construction projects on behalf of the state. NTNU owns, manages and uses its own properties and works closely with Sintef in the Ocean Space Centre on how we as users will be involved in the construction project. We will continue the close cooperation with Statsbygg.

Ready to start with Elgesetergate 10

The new building for the health and social sciences is listed as a so-called kurant project (kurantprosjekt). This means that no project grants will be received directly from the state budget, but it confirms that the project will start up and be implemented.

– This means a lot to NTNU, but most importantly to the staff and students who get a better study day and get closer to colleagues in the health field. Now our health and social sciences can be combined with the rest of the health and medical environments, integrated with the hospital and relevant health services in the municipality, says the rector.

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