Elgesetergate 10

Elgesetergate 10

At a Government conference held on 16 June 2016, the Government agreed to a combined building for NTNU and the student welfare association Studentsamskipnaden (Sit) in Elgesetergate 10–14. The building will help to gather the health and social research communities at NTNU and will be ready for occupancy in 2021.

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Which programmes of study will be included?

The students who move into Elgesetergate 10 can look forward to brand new premises tailored for research, teaching and other learning activities. Today, most of these students are at the Tunga campus.

The plan is that students and staff in the following programmes of study will move into the building:

• Audiologist

• Child welfare

• Occupational therapist

• Physiotherapist

• Radiographer

• Social worker

• Social educator

Fitness centre

Sit will establish a sports section and a cafeteria. The sports areas will be an attractive state-of-the-art facility, inviting and including.

The activities offered will reflect fitness trends and the science of training and sports. Located near social zones, the fitness areas will also provide a meeting place for students and staff. Similarly, the cafeteria will provide a social meeting place for students and staff, including those who train at the fitness centre.

Who can use the building?

The building will also be available to all NTNU students and staff. Social zones and open workspaces will create potential for attractive meeting places and workplaces for students, both within and across subject areas, as well as for meetings between students and academic staff.

Statsbygg will build Elgesetergate 10. Backe is entrepreneur with contract on total enterprise. 


Documents (in Norwegian)

Documents (in Norwegian)