Timeline for campus development

How NTNU will be developed for the future

Timeline for campus development

Scroll through our timeline to see how we are working with campus development, and what lies ahead.

January 2014: Unified campus recommended

Aerial view of Gløshaugplatået seen from the south.

The Ministry of Education and Research starts to consider various solutions for the future campus in Trondheim. In January 2014, the recommendation was clear: To develop a single unified campus in the area around Gløshaugen.

January 2015: Quality assurance of the proposal

Front page from report on quality assurance of concept selection of co-locating campus. Young boy with PC.

Before the Government could decide, the information had to be double-checked by an external third party. The external reviewers also recommended a single unified campus.

September 2015: The government says yes to a unified campus

Press conference where Rector Gunnar Bovim points to a map in front of Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced that the Government supported a single campus in Trondheim, unified around Gløshaugen. The Government announced this in the national budget for 2016.

26th of October: NTNU approves the goals for the future campus

Illustration of NTNU's goals for the future campus. Unifying, urban and more.

NTNU decides that the new campus should be unifying, urban, a network of hubs, effective, sustainable and a living laboratory. The Board also recommended that new buildings should be located west of Gløshaugen.

2017: NTNU defines what campus should contain

Illustration with drawings of various university buildings and zones.

NTNU explore where it is possible to build new university buildings, where the academic community should be located, and the various types of space to be included in the future campus.

19th of January 2018: Government decides how much NTNU can build

The Government decides that the State will fund new buildings of up to 92 000 square metres gross and rebuilding of up to 45 000 square metres gross.

6th of March: Politicians in Trondheim decide on areas to explore

Map of the area around Gløshaugen with rings around specific areas to be explored further.

The Building Council decides that the areas in the northern part of Høyskoleparken and Elgeseter park should not be investigated further for building purposes. They are open to explore possibilities in the south end of the park, and the other suggested areas.

March - October 2018: Exploring potential areas

NTNU continues to explore various opportunities for development and reconstruction. And investigate what the consequences will be for the area.

25th of September 2018: Politicians in Trondheim sends new campus investgations on consultation

Illustration with drawn aerial photograph of the GLøshaugplatået, with highlighted potential areas for new university buildings.

The Building Council re-examines the possible building areas that NTNU has explored and sends the reports for consultation.

During 2018: The state investigate costs and feasibility

Rector Gunnar Bovim and Research and Higher Education Minister Iselin Nybø look at the model of Gløshaugen.

What can be done? What will it cost? How long will it take? The Ministry of Education and Research commissions Statsbygg and NTNU to explore potential building areas, costs, overall space allocation and implementation.

25 April 2019: Municipal politicians decided where NTNU can build

City Hall in Trondheim

The City Councildecided the planning programme for campus and university purpose. The City Council therefore agrees that one can initiate zoning.

October 2019: Appropriation in the national budget to start planning buildings

The parliament (Stortinget) at night.

Unified campus received 40 million NOK on the state budget to start pre-projects in 2020.

From 2020-2024: Land zoning, building planning and design

Illustration image with female and male architecture student looking at a miniature model in wood.

After we have a decision on where we can build, land zoning will begin, along with the detailed planning of buildings and functions. Now we can start to design the buildings together with the academic functions they will contain.

October 2023: Possible appropriation on the national budget to start building

The front av the parliament (Stortinget).

NTNU hopes that the Storting will grant funds on the national budget, to start building in 2024.

2024-2028: We build

Illustration photo of three men at construction site with helmets looking at building drawings.

The first sod will be turned in 2024 at the earliest. We then start a construction phase where various areas are developed or rebuilt through several construction projects.

2028: The buildings are taken into use

Illustration photo with two female and one male student in front of a PC.

Construction and unification of the campus are scheduled for completion during 2028. This is when we really will start to see the effect of a unified campus.