A unified campus

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A unified campus

A unified campus

Over the next ten years, NTNU's academic communities in Trondheim will be unified in one urban campus in the area around Gløshaugen.

Statsbygg is responsible for building and re-build 129 100 square meters of university buildings. 

Involvement and regulation

This is how we involve

To develop a campus for the benefit of NTNU, we need knowledge from our end users and stakeholders.

Where and how it can be built

In the regulation, the municipality clarifies the physical framework for where and how it can be built, in order to bring NTNU's campus together.

Phases of the project

Phases of the project

Icon houseStrategic direction for campus collection
The Government states that NTNU shall gather its campus at Gløshaugen in Trondheim. NTNU determines the principles of quality: unifying, urban, a network of hubs, efficient, sustainable, and a living laboratory.

Icon houseWe define what a unified campus should contain
The project investigates where it is possible to build new university buildings, where the academic communities should be placed and what types of areas the buildings will contain.

Icon houseThe plots are regulated, the buildings are planned and designed
The work on regulating plots starts and the buildings are planned and designed on the basis of the needs and functions of the business that will be included in the various areas.

Icon houseWe build
The various areas are being built and rebuilt through several sub-projects. 
The start for the first construction project will be in 2024.

Icon houseWe use the buildings
The unified campus will mainly be completed and ready for use in 2028. 

Who are we?

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