Critical Infrastructures Security and Resilience (CISR)

CISR’s mission is to support the private and public sector in their preparedness for and response to security incidents that involve the critical infrastructures of Norway, at the regional and national level, by means of knowledge and capacity building through research, education, and training. Biometrics. Photo illustration

Critical infrastructure is an asset or system which is essential for the maintenance of vital societal functions (Banking and Finance; Food Supply; Health Services, Social Services and Social Security Benefit; Police; Emergency and Rescue Services; Crisis Management; Parliament and Government; The Judiciary; Defense; Environmental Surveillance; Waste Treatment). In Norway, Communication networks; electric power;  water and wastewater; transportation; oil and gas infrastructure; and satellite communications are defined as critical infrastructure. 

The security and resilience of national infrastructure has become a part of national security and critical information infrastructure security and resilience has emerged as a field of great interest for research in cyber security.



Sokratis Katsikas
Group coordinator
Sokratis Katsikas

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