National Smart Grid Laboratory


NTNU and SINTEF are building a National Smart Grid Laboratory in Trondheim.

The laboratory is a system oriented laboratory providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for R&D, demonstration, verification, and testing over a wide range of Smart grid use cases. The laboratory will enable us to test the Smart Grids of tomorrow.


  • National and international research projects
  • Test and verification projects
  • Industry projects
  • PhD candidates
  • Post Docs
  • Visiting researchers
  • Master students

Funded by

  • The Research Council of Norway
  • The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU

Application areas

  • Smart transmission grids
  • HVDC grids
  • Smart active distribution grids
  • Micro grids
  • Integration of Smart Grids, Smart houses and Smart industries
  • Integration of renewables (large scale, DG)
  • Smart Grid and home automation
  • Smart electricity use
  • Electrification of transport
  • Energy storage in Smart Grids
  • Energy conversion in Smart Grids
  • Power system stability in Smart Grids
  • Monitoring, control and automation in Smart Grids
  • Communication technologies for Smart Grids
  • Information security and privacy in Smart Grids
  • Reliability challenges in Smart Grids dependencies of Power Grid and ICT
  • Smart grid software
  • Big data management and analytics in SmartGrids


Laboratory inventory

  • Transmission systems (AC/DC)
  • Distribution systems
  • Generation (Large scale, DG, wind farms, PV, hydro..)
  • Network customers / loads
  • AC/DC converters: Voltage Source Converters (VSC) and Multi-Level Converters (MMC)
  • Rotating machinery: Induction generators/motors(IG), Synchronous generators/motors (SG), Permanent magnet generators/motors (PM)
  • Grid emulator (200 kVA amplifier , DC to 5 kHz)
  • Real-Time Digital Simulators, Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) testing equipment and Rapid Control Prototyping(RCP) systems (OPAL-RT)
  • Smart meters
  • Smart homes- Smart buildings
  • Smart appliances
  • Energy storage
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Protection equipment
  • Monitoring and measurement equipment
  • Wide area monitoring – Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs)
  • Communications