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Biorefinery and Fiber Technology

Biorefinery and fiber


The Biorefinery and Fiber Technology group provides chemical engineers and PhDs for the Norwegian pulp and paper industry. During the last 10 years the group’s research focus has shifted from exclusively pulp and paper to including research on bio-fuel, nanocellulose and bio-composite materials. Cellulose based particles in film and composite materials can give better oxygen barrier and mechanical properties to the materials. An overall goal in this research is replacing non-renewable packaging materials (plastics, aluminium foil) with cellulose based (renewable) materials. The research and application areas for nanocellulose have been much extended. The group is active in research on nanocellulose production, modification, and applications like filter material, barrier material, and oil production additives.

Biofuel manufacturing processes are regarded as a first stage in the development of biorefinery processes for the manufacture of energy, chemicals and materials from renewable resources. Together with PFI we are conducting research on the use of wood and agricultural waste materials for the production of biofuel and chemicals.

Due to increasing energy prices, energy effective production is one of the primary concerns of the pulp and paper industry and thus also an important research area now and in the future.

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