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The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a wide variety of research areas including catalysis, colloid and polymer chemistry, environmental engineering and reactor technology and process systems engineering.


Research Groups

Catalysis (KinCat)

The research and teaching in catalysis, petrochemistry and related subjects is organised in the Catalysis Group, a joint effort between the research institute SINTEF and the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU. The research is focused on natural gas conversion, heterogeneous catalysis, hydrogen technology, biofuels, carbon nanofibres, photocatalysis and oil refining.

Colloid and Polymer Chemistry

Research and teaching in colloid and surface chemistry, polymer science and related subjects is organized in the Ugelstad Laboratory.

Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology

The Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology Group focus their research on CO2 capture, chemical reactors, process design, membranes, crystallization, biorefinery and fiber technology.

Process Systems Engineering

The Process Systems Engineering Group focus their research on process control, process modelling, systems biology og bioinformatics.




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Deputy of Research



Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI)


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Subsea production and processing

The primary objective of the SUBPRO center for research based innovation is to become a leading international subsea research center that provides top quality candidates, knowledge and technology innovation.

industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation (iCSI)

The main objective of iCSI is to boost industrial innovation and competitiveness as well as to provide efficient, low-emission process technology.