industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation (iCSI)

– for a competitive and sustainable process industry
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This Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) targets the land-based chemical process industry in Norway

The iCSI basic vision is to establish an integrated competence and technology platform that promotes world class energy efficiency and optimum raw material utilization. The main objective of iCSI is to boost industrial innovation and competitiveness as well as to provide efficient, low-emission process technology.

This will be done through -

  • Improved understanding of the kinetics and chemistry of the catalytic processes of the industrial partners as a basis for performance enhancement and process optimization.
  • Synergy between applied and basic research, competence-building and education through interaction between industry, research institutes and universities.
  • Development of new materials and methods (experimental and theoretical) that strengthen the industrial value creation and impact the research frontier.

About iCSI - Strategy and background

iCSi Annual report 2016
iCSi Annual report 2015

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Hilde Johnsen Venvik

Hilde Johnsen Venvik, Professor. Department of Chemical Engineering NTNU, iCSI Centre Director

Estelle Marie M. Vanhaecke
iCSi Centre coordinator

Contact information

industrial Catalysis Science and Innovation (iCSI)

Phone: +47 73592831 / 92808787


iCSI, Department of Chemical Engineering NTNU,
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway


Sem Sælands vei 4, Chemistry Block 5, 406

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