Education and recruitment at iCSI

– PhD candidates and Postdoctoral fellows

The Centre emphasizes PhD education to provide candidates with high competence in industrial catalysis to the Norwegian process industry.

The results obtained and the competence built will be important to the international competitiveness of Norwegian industry beyond that of the partners, as well as to ensuring future industrial chemistry with minimum environmental impact.

In total, 15-20 PhD fellows will be graduated in the Centre and approximately 6 post-doctoral fellows will be trained.

The gender equality within the consortium is very good, reflecting a highly inclusive (gender, ethnicity, religion) working environment with all of the partners over time. Representation of both genders at the iCSI board and among the international advisors is targeted, Among the Centre management, as well as in research and education (PhD, post doc.) at least 30% will be ensured. Efforts will be taken to encourage leadership in science and innovation for female investigators.

PhD education at NTNU


Mon, 05 Oct 2015 14:41:39 +0200

Current PhD candidates and Postdoctoral Fellows

Endre Fenes         PhD  
Ata ul Rauf Salman   PhD  
Samuel Regli      PhD  
Stine Lervold     PhD  
Hongfei Ma PhD  
Dimitrios Pappas    PhD- UiO  
Yanying Qi Postdoc  
Michael Martin Dyballa Postdoc - UiO  
Oleksii Ivashenko Postdoc - UiO  



Hilde Johnsen Venvik

Hilde Johnsen Venvik, Professor. Department of Chemical Engineering NTNU, iCSI Centre Director

Estelle Marie M. Vanhaecke
iCSi Centre coordinator


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