Facilities and infrastructures


The joint laboratories of UiO, SINTEF and NTNU hold a large number of standard and advanced characterization tools, including a wide range of spectroscopic instrumentation.

The laboratories and equipment include a number of microreactors for catalyst studies, small pilot plants, the necessary equipment for catalyst and material characterization. Recently, in situ IR/Raman and the TEOM-technique have been introduced in the laboratory. Catalysis Group (KinCat)

The spectroscopic instrumentation organized within the UiO/SINTEF Gemini center “Anspec” and the spectroscopy laboratory at NTNU will form a basis for the activities. The project will also make use of coordinated characterization within several main national infrastructures.

Norwegian centre for transmission electron microscopy (NORTEM)

The NORTEM consortium offers access to a wide range of TEM instruments with different capabilities.
The NORTEM microscopes and Facilities at TEM Gemini Centre.

National centre for surface chemistry for XPS, Auger and SIMS (NICE)

National Centre for Surface Chemistry (NICE) for XPS, Auger and SIMS

Norwegian Centre for X-ray Diffraction, Scattering and Imaging (RECX)

Resource Center for X-rays (RECX). The Centre is a national infrastructure for X-ray diffraction, scattering and imaging with lab nodes at University in Oslo (UiO) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Norwegian Centre for X-ray Diffraction, Scattering and Imaging (RECX)

The Swiss-Norwegian beamlines at the European synchrotron radiation facility (SNBL)

The mission of the SNBL is to provide scientists from both Norway and Switzerland, from both academia and industry, with increased access to synchrotron radiation. BM01 - The Swiss-Norwegian Beamlines (SNBL)



Hilde Venvik. Photo

Hilde Johnsen Venvik, Professor. Department of Chemical Engineering NTNU, iCSI Centre Director
Email: hilde.j.venvik@ntnu.no

Estelle Marie M. Vanhaecke. PhotoEstelle Marie M. Vanhaecke
iCSi Centre coordinator
Email: estelle.m.vanhaecke@ntnu.no


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