Publications and Research Findings

Publications and Research Findings


Qi, Y.; Fenes, E.; Ma, H.; Wang, Y.; Rout, K. R.; Fuglerud, T.; Piccinini, M.; Chen, D., Cluster-Size-Dependent Interaction between Ethylene and CuCl2 Clusters Supported via γ-Alumina. J Phys Chem C 2020. 

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Karoline Kvande , Dimitrios K. Pappas, Michael Dyballa, Carlo Buono, Matteo Signorile, Elisa Borfecchia, Kirill A. Lomachenko, Bjørnar Arstad, Silvia Bordiga, Gloria Berlier, Unni Olsbye, Pablo Beato and Stian Svelle, Comparing the Nature of Active Sites in Cu-loaded SAPO-34 and SSZ-13 for the Direct Conversion of Methane to Methanol, Catalysts 2020, 10(2), s. 1-17


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Kirill A. Lomachenko, Andrea Martini, Dimitrios Pappas, Chiara Negri, Michael Dyballa, G Berlier, Silvia Bordiga, Carlo Lamberti, Unni Olsbye, Stian Svelle, Pablo Beato, Elisa Borfecchia, The impact of reaction conditions and material composition on the stepwise methane to methanol conversion over Cu-MOR: an operando XAS study Catalysis Today, Volume 336, 1 October 2019, Pages 99-108

Dimitrios K. Pappas, Elisa Borfecchia, Michael Dyballa, Kirill A. Lomachenko, Andrea Martini, Gloria Berlier, Bjørnar Arstad, Carlo Lamberti, Silvia Bordiga, Unni Olsbye, Stian Svelle, and Pablo Beato, Understanding and Optimizing the Performance of Cu-FER for The Direct CH4 to CH3OH Conversion, ChemCatChem, 11, 2019, 621-627.


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Bjørgen, Morten; Eilertsen, Heidi; Gjengedal, Elin Lovise Folven; Maarten, Aerts; Svelle, Stian, Bruk av kontrollkort i kjemilaboratoriet – hvorfor, hvordan og hvordan ikke. Kjemi 2019 ;Volum 3. s. 22-27

Pablo Beato, Cleaning up Methane, ESRF News 2018, p. 29

Rønning, Magnus, A catalyst for discussion, ESRF News, 2017, March 15

Venvik, Hilde Johnsen; Lødeng, Rune, Feil om katalysatorer, 2016, Dagens næringsliv

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