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Explore the EiT villages that will be offered in the Spring of 2024. Click on your study location to see the selection of villages offered near you. Virtual villages are an option no matter where you are located.

EIT How to choose? (copy og content from ntnu.no just in case someone stumbles into the page)

How to choose?
What should I consider?

What interests you?

Choose villages with themes that pique your interest or curiosity. EiT can be an opportunity to work with problem areas that engage you, or use your expertise on a topic you otherwise don´t get the chance to work with.

About project work and EiT topics.

Explore outside your own discipline?

Consider exploring  themes that are not close to your own field. Former students and teachers say they would have enjoyed an even greater degree of interdisciplinarity. If more people choose themes further from their own field, the interdisciplinary nature of EiT villages can become even greater.

Where do I find practical info?

You can find practical information on how you can register your villages choices on these intranet pages for EiT-students.  

How do I register for EIT?

Hvordan melder jeg meg opp i EiT? 

Important information about EiT (copy from ntnu.no just in case)

Important information about EiT

The focus on teamwork skills and group processes is the unique feature of Experts in Teamwork (EiT). EiTs teaching methods depend on the contribution and presence of every participant throughout the semester. For this reason, attendance is compulsory on every village day.

The first few days are especially important in EiT. During this period, get to know each other and discuss what each individual can contribute. You will also draw up the compulsory cooperation agreement and start preparing a shared research question.

See additional information about Experts in Teamwork