Aina Sæterli

Senior Executive Officer

Department of Chemistry Faculty of Natural Sciences
+47 73594104
D2-103, Gløshaugen, Høgskoleringen 5

Background and activities

I am a study advisor for the following study programs:

I can answer questions within the following topics:

Admission, education plan, exchange possibilities, study environment, motivation, illness, leave of absence, career opportunities, and all other questions you may have as a new student, under your studies and when you are about to graduate.

My responsibilities at the department:

  • Administration of courses
  • Local administrative support - blackboard
  • Admission to 2-year master's program
  • Exam
  • Curriculum work
  • Case processing and supervision related to the subject portfolio and project/master's thesis within Chemistry
  • Management support
  • Secretary of program council BKJ/MSCHEM
  • Secretary of the teaching committee

Where you can find me:

My office is on the 2nd floor in Realfagbygget (D2-103). You can stop by my office if you want a chat, call me or send an email.