Natural Science with Teacher Education

Master's degree programme 5 years, Trondheim

Natural Science with Teacher Education

Students in groupwork

This programme is meant for Scandinavian speaking students.

The teaching profession is an important and exciting profession for those wanting to combine their specialist interests with working with children and young people. We all remember the inspiring school teacher who aroused our enthusiasm but also the boring teacher who made us dislike a subject. Our aim is to create good teachers and train people to inspire pupils and give them a positive relationship to mathematics and sciences in school.

There has been much focus recently on dwindling recruitment and the weak position of science subjects in the Norwegian school system. The NTNU 5-year teacher training programme in sciences and mathematics (LUR) is one answer to this problem.

The idea behind the programme is to generate enthusiasm and create a culture for science, teacher training and teaching. LUR is also designed to promote science and mathematics outside the classroom.

LUR is a 5-year programme of study offering a combination of practical, pedagogic training and science studies that will qualify you to teach at post-16 level as well as in secondary schools. You will be studying science subjects alongside ordinary science students, but LUR students will also be assigned a personal tutor. This generates mutual inspiration between subject teachers and students and increases the programme's profile in the academic sector.

Subject combinations

The LUR programme offers five different fields of study, each qualifying you to teach two subjects:

  • Chemistry and biology
  • Mathematics and physics
  • Mathematics and ICT
  • Mathematics and chemistry
  • Mathematics and biology

You will be able to choose your field of study once you have been admitted to the programme. Towards the end of the programme you will specialize further in one of your two subjects and write a Master's thesis.

The thesis can be strictly subject-related or it can incorporate your subject into a teaching context. In the case of the latter, you could, for example, research new working methods in mathematics or how ICT can be used in the teaching of physics.

Schools need you

There is a great need for qualified maths and science teachers. With qualifications in science and teaching, you can do much more than just teach. You are also in demand in other educational contexts as well as in research, industry and business.

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Programme facts


Degree: Natural Science with Teacher Education
Language of instruction: Norwegian

Duration: 5 years, 300 ECTS
Programme code: MLREAL
Application code: 194 843
Restricted admission: Yes

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

City: Trondheim
Application deadline: 15th April

This information is relevant for the present academic year.