Background and activities

I teach courses in Spanish language and Spanish/Latin American cultural studies at the Department of Language and Literature. I have a Ph.D. in Latin American Cultural Studies from the University of Bergen.

My dissertation analyzes how young independent musicians in Lima, Peru negotiate their belonging as limeños with roots in the Andes, create a new definition of mestizo, and call for a more inclusive society through fusion music, musical hybrids that are a mix of autochthonous and “global” musics. I also research Latin Americans and Latin American culture in Norway.

Competence and academic interests:

  • Fusion music in Lima, Peru
  • Latin American popular music
  • Music and identity / Music and belonging
  • Youth culture in Latin America
  • Latin Americans / Latin American culture in Norway


  • Latin American and Spanish cultural studies/history
  • Spanish language

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Vik, Alissa. (2019) "Somos de acá, pero siempre hemos querido ser de allá, también”: Fusion aesthetics and negotiation of belonging in an independent music scene in Lima, Peru. Universitetet i Bergen. 2019. ISBN 9788230848449.
  • Vik, Alissa. (2011) Tengo el orgullo de ser peruano y soy feliz": Estudio lingüístico-cultural de la representación del dialecto peruano en la música y la identidad nacional . 2011.


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