Background and activities

Present fields of interests:

  • Structural dynamics

  • Dynamics of overhead contact line for the electric railways

  • Rest life of existing railway bridges

  • Conceptual Structural Design

  • Structural Engineering and Architectural Design; the duality of the professions

  • Structural monitoring, operational modal analysis and system identification

  • Structural Health Monitoring

  • Wind engineering, stochastic loads

  • Long Spanning Bridges

  • Reliability and structural safety

  • Pedestrian induced structural vibrations

  • Earthquake engineering

Research groups

Structural Dynamics

Conceptual Structural Design

Research experience:

  • Railroad structural dynamics, reliability and life expectancy

    • Dynamic response of existing contact lines for the electric railways, numerical modelling and in-field monitoring for better performance at higher speeds

    • Dynamic response of existing contact lines in sharp curves at higher speeds. Collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Stichel, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

    • Development of measuring system for contact line dynamic response for the electronic railways. Together with Elektromotus, Vilnius, Lithuania

    • Reliability assessments of high-speed railway bridges with J.M. Rocha and Ass. Prof. Henriques, University of Porto, Portugal

    • Dynamic response and residual life expectancy of old railway bridges

    • Investigation of digital image correlation and tracking, a non-contact method, for full-scale railway bridge monitoring. The system is used for model updating as well as railway catenary wire uplift monitoring.

  • Structural Wind Engineering – Bridge Aerodynamics

    • Dynamic actions on long-spanning bridges due to natural wind together with Ass. Prof. Øiseth, late Prof. Sigbjörnsson and Prof. Remseth

    • Development of monitoring systems of existing bridges to improve predicted actions on long-spanning bridges together with Ass. Prof. Øiseth and Prof. Remseth

    • Design of wind tunnel testing of bridge cross-sections, development of instrumentation and system identification methodology of motion control testing procedures with Ass. Prof Øiseth and Prof. Remseth

  • Structural Engineering and Architectural challenges

    • Development of complex structures and their interaction with architectural challenges together with Prof. Manum

    • Conceptual form-finding for a holistic, successful and sustainable structural design, including the examination of structural design from a combined architectural and engineering point of view, together with Prof. Manum and Researcher Nathalie Labonnote

    • The functionality of form; how to use key structures as a tool for collaboration between professions together with Prof. Manum

  • Structural Engineering, safety, reliability and applied statistics

    • Structural safety and reliability estimations of civil engineering structures with complex structural behaviour and numerically costly analyses procedures together with Prof. Næss

    • Development of damping models in timber structures together with Prof. Malo and Researcher PhD Nathalie Labonnote

  • Earthquake engineering design for Norwegian conditions, new and existing structures, together with Prof. Remseth and late Prof. Sigbjörnsson

Teaching experience:

  • Teknostart, Coordinator, Master’s degree program of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Eng. Science and Technology (IVT), NTNU

  • Design of Buildings and Structures, BM4, TBA 4125, NTNU

  • Structural Dynamics, TKT 4201, NTNU

  • Steel Structures II, TKT 4230, NTNU

  • Structural Design, Advanced Course, TKT 4198, NTNU

  • Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics, PhD level, KT8211, NTNU

  • Contact lines for electric railways, KT 6002, NTNU-VIDERE

  • Bridge Design, EVU-NTNU

  • Earthquake Design, EVU-NTNU/TEKNA

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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