Background and activities

I work as an associate professor position at the music technology program at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). I am currently study programme leader at the Music Technology Programme. In recent years, my courses have been Analytical and aesthetical perspectives on music and technology (MUST3054), Music technology in light of history (MUST1058), and Basic music technology 2 (MUST1060).

Research interests:

  • Movement-sound interaction for users with and without disabilities
  • Interactive dance
  • Voice in electroacoustic music (PhD entitled "Experiencing voices in Electroacoustic Music" from 2010),
  • Live-electronics from a performative perspective
  • History and analysis of electroacoustic music

Artistic work:

I hav been involved in composition and sound design for exhibitions, installations, large scale multi-media events, in addition to doing live-electronics performances and working with computer instrument design for motion capture systems. In addition, I have composed several pieces for interactive dance that have been presented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy and Canada.



The last few years I have been involved in the following projects:



Together with the MotionComposer team I received a special recognition award in the 2016 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.

Personal home page:


Scientific, academic and artistic work

A selection of recent journal publications, artistic productions, books, including book and report excerpts. See all publications in the database

Journal publications

Artistic productions

  • Bergsland, Andreas; Wilk, Joseph; Lilian, Jap; Mustalahti, Kirsi. (2019) Opening the Black Box. Opening the Black Box
  • Birringer, Johannes; Bergsland, Andreas. (2019) «Constructed Realities». Constructed Realities
  • Engum, Trond; Brandtsegg, Øyvind; Xambó, Anna; Waadeland, Carl Haakon; Bergsland, Andreas. (2019) Trondheim EMP Repository processing. Trondheim EMP Repository processing
  • Bergsland, Andreas. (2018) Visning, første VIBRA workshop. Visning, første VIBRA workshop
  • Bergsland, Andreas; Wilk, Joseph. (2018) Accents in Motion. Accents in Motion
  • Bergsland, Andreas; Saue, Sigurd; Østern, Tone Pernille; Øyen, Elen. (2017) Forskningskonserten Lyd-Rom-Bevegelse. null
  • Bergsland, Andreas. (2016) Noisy Stuff. Noisy Stuff
  • Bergsland, Andreas. (2015) Jeu de modes II - Hi-dance version. Interactive dance for three performers. Jeu de modes II - Hi-dance version
  • Bergsland, Andreas. (2015) Jeu de modes III - NIME version. Interactive dance for five performers. Jeu de modes III - NIME version. Interactive dance for five performers.
  • Bergsland, Andreas. (2015) Jeu de modes IV - DAFx version. Interactive dance for solo performer. Jeu de modes IV - DAFx version. Interactive dance for solo performer.
  • Bergsland, Andreas. (2014) Jeu de modes. Jeu de modes - interactive dance for three performers