Background and activities

I have been teaching Cultural Studies courses for many years, both campus-based courses and online courses as part of NTNU’s Continuing Education Program, Take Credit. I primarily teach courses in American history, society and politics, but I also contribute to courses in British Cultural Studies and academic writing.

Within the field of American history, society and politics, my interests are focused on the parallel endurance and evolution of constitutional principles and frameworks; how societies respond to new challenges on social and political levels; and the degree of constitutional protection of minorities.

I have supervised theses on several topics, such as Anglo-American foreign policy, US discrimination laws, and election patterns in American presidential elections.

I am currently investigating the positive impact of digital elements, such as audiovisual assignments, video feedback, and video in exam assessments, pertaining to online students’ learning outcome.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Oakland, John Gordon; Vikaune, Ane. (2006) The special relationship. Definition, Historiography and Contemporary Challenges. 2006.