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Inflammation, the body’s natural process in early defense of foreign invaders or in endogenous processes as wound healing, is increasingly recognized as an essential player in disease. Behind an inflammatory process are cellular and protein players communicating in complex ways. Depending on the disturbance, different cellular or protein players might be involved. To understand these systems could help us developing new treatment points and strategies in the fights against various diseases for improved health and well beeing. 

My research focuses are on inflammatory mechanisms of exogenous and endogenous materials. More explained, the exogenous materials are externally derived as transplantation devices, wound healing materials and ther materials used in biomedical treatment. The endogenous materials are supplied by the body itself often causing disease. An example is cholesterol crystals produced in atherosclerotic disease and recently shown as an active player in inflammation and thromboinflammation.  Despite different materials, they all impact the immune system through common and specific mechanistic pathways. By revealing the underlying mechanisms new treatment options can be developed. My research is thus basically to increase the knowledge both to the inflammatory/immune patterns for developing new treatment options for improved health.

Since inflammation is also an underlying cause of obesity related disease, the understanding of these connections can be important for improving the treatment in obesity disease. The immune system and metabolic system is interellated, thus there could be intersting links between the diets and immunity. Connected to Centre for Obesity and Innovation (ObeCe) at St. Olavs hospital , I am currently exploring the impact of weight reduction to the inflammation in obesity.

Currently,  I am involved in a global network of researchers developing a functional biodevice based teatment for diabetes 1.  My role in this project is the development of the material-host responses for improved materials design.  Projects are also involving the explorations of cholesterol crystals in thromboinflammation, and the impact of obesty and weight reduction to inflammation and immunity. 


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