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Inflammation, the body’s natural process in early defense of foreign invaders or in endogenous processes as wound healing, is increasingly recognized as an essential player in disease. Behind an inflammatory process are cellular and protein players communicating in complex ways. Depending on the disturbance, different cellular or protein players might be involved. To understand these systems could help us developing new treatment points and strategies in the fights against various diseases. 

My research focuses are on inflammatory mechanisms of transplanted materials as well as endogenous materials (cholesterol crystals) in cardiovascular disease.  Despite different systems, the underlying mechanisms are common and serve as actual intervention points in treatment. Inflammatory mechanisms are also drivers behind obesity related comorbidities as cardiovascular disease, and are thus a part of my research.

Currently, I am exploring future therapeutics in treatment of cardiovascular disease. I am also exploring the effects of diet interventions in obesity inflammation and cardiovascular disease (thrombosis) in collaboration with the Centre for Obesity and Innovation (ObeCe) at St.Olavs University Hospital. My ongoing biomaterials projects are related to diabetes treatment (selecting low-inflammatory materials) as a part of a JDRF supported collaboration project.



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