Background and activities

Anne Marit Myrstad is a Professor of Film Studies. She has work experience as a teacher, cultural worker and as a Film archivist at the National Library of Norway. At NTNU she has worked as Head of and Research fellow at the former Centre for Women's Research, and as Associate Professor in Media Studies at the Department of Art and Media Studies. Since 2001 she holds a position in Film Studies at this department, and from 2009 till 2017 she served as Head of Department.


Myrstad's main research interests is Norwegian film production, and within a history of culture and cultural studies perspective. Gender constructions, ideas of nation and national identities are recurring thematics. Myrstad have studied fiction films from the silent area, a specific feature length cinema commercial genre; the housewife film, produced from 1953-1972, modernist films from the 1960's and early 1970's, as well as contemporary film.

Ongoing research

1. A National Theatre of Film; The company Norwegian Film A/S between 1966 -1981. Myrstad is currently part of a research group that is investigating the company history of Norwegian film A/S. This national film company was up till 2001 funded and owned by the Norwegian State, and the municipalities running cinemas. Myrstad's work concentrate on the years 1966 till 1981, a period marked by for instance greater artistic independence, conflicts of art film production versus box-office success, and women directors entering the industry. The investigation of this period is supplemented by a production study of the company's Palme d’0r nominee Arven (Anja Breien 1979).

2. Woman on Screen. Leading ladies in Norwegian film history. This project focuses on prominent female protagonists in Norwegian film history, from silent fictions to feature film productions after 2000. The project aims to supplement the ongoing political struggle for gender balance behind the camera with more in depth knowledge of women’s historical role in front of the camera. In a small nation this is, to a large extent, still a blind spot. Investigations of performance and narrative agency in Norwegian cinema are developed with reference to existing research on screen women internationally, as well as to the cultural history of minorities and ethnicities in Norway and the Nordic region. The project is affiliated with the interdisciplinary Gender and the Arts Research Group at this department.

Teaching areas

I have taught photography and visual culture, gender and media, but first and foremost film studies at every academic level, and with a focus on fiction film history, film theory and prominent research traditions of this disipline. 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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