Background and activities

Anne Fiskvik has a background as professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and dance/movement therapist. Her dissertation (2006) investigates the relationship between music and dance from historical and analytical levels. It was the first doctral dissertation published in Norway on dance research. In addition to her interest in relationships between dance and music, Fiskvik has done extensive research on Norwegian dance history, with an emphasis on the eighteenth and nineteenth centures, as well as the first decades of the twentieth century. She is also interested in dance as popular culture, and in the healing possibilities that are inherent in dance and movement.

Fiskvik is chair of dance studies at NTNU (since 2013), and leader of the international master program in dance studies, "NoMads". She loves to teach and interact with and learn from her students. She also want to develop Dance Studies and the newest contributions are courses in "Dance pedagogics and coaching" and "Dance and health".

Fiskvik is invited to be a keynote speaker for the International Music Research School, taking place in Trondheim in October 2018.


Fiskvik is currently working on two different books on Norwegian dance history, estimated publishing spring 2020.

Fiskvik is part of t he research project "The Minuet in Norden", a book project with researchers from Nordic countries, investigating the Minuet's role in the Nordic countries from the seventeenth century and onwards.

From 2008-2019 (ongoing) she has been part of "Dance in Nordic Spaces", imitated and funded by the Swedish “Riksbankens Jubileumsfond”. ( This project has produced two volumes and a special issue /Dance Research Journal that will be published in the fall of 2019.

Fiskvik has also been part of the project "Performing Arts between dilettantism and professionalism" (pARTs),  funded by NFR/HF (2011-2015). A first volume was published in 2014, and work with volume 2 and 3 are ongoing. Fiskvik is one of the editors of volume 2.


Fiskvik is in charge of the area "Dance" at the Norwegian "Store norske leksikon på nett" (

Fiskvik is the main contributor to the large, international research projedct "Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception" (published by by DeGruyter). She has contributed numerous articles to this encyclopaedia on topics such as the role of social and liturgical dance in the Bible, the use of biblical themes among dance artists past and present.

OTHER WORK (selction)

Fiskvik has been member of various comittees for evaluations of professor comtenece, emplyment for instiutitions in Nordic /European countries as well and doctoral work

Fiskvik was nominated to be part of the Norwegian Cultural Coucil's committee on Dance (Faglig utvalg for dans), 2016-2018, and 2018-2020. This committee reviews applications and make decisions on funding for Norwegian dance artists.

Work for the UHR (Swedish council for higher education) since 2004, currently member of a committee evaluating teacher trainings 2018-2019. Previously member of a committee evaluating aesthetic subjects (2013).

She has done different accreditation work for Danmarks Akkrediteringsinstiusjon / The Danish Accreditation institution (2017-2018/ongoing).

Fiskvik was the leader of the international conference "DanceAction" 8.-11-juni 2013. This conference brought together 200 dance scholars form the entire world and was a collaboration between NTNU Dance studies, Society of Dance History Scholars (SDHS) and Nofod.

Leader for the National council on dance (NaFad), 2008-2012.

Comitte member of NOFOD (Nordisk forening for danseforskning), 2006-2013.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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  • Haraldsen, Heidi Marian; Fiskvik, Anne. (2010) Dans, estetikk og samfunn : 1 og 2. 2010. ISBN 9788275223515.

Part of book/report

  • Fiskvik, Anne Margrete. (2020) ‘Nemo ei in orbe terrarum in artibus par est’: The Rope and Wire Repertoire of Itinerant Artist Michael Stuart. Performing Arts in Changing Societies: Opera, Dance, and Theatre in European and Nordic Countries around 1800.
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