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Research interest

Systems biology and its translations to new biomedical approaches.

The Knowledge Commons as foundation for systems biology.

Wide interdisciplinarity spanning humanities, science and technology as a quality and relevance enhancing research mode.


Current research projects

Leader: "Rational development of anti-cancer drug combinations"

Partner: "Crossover Research" and "COLOSYS"



Lægreid studied biochemistry, mathematics and musicology before doing a master (1982) and PhD (1985) in biochemistry at the University of Oslo. During her post doctor, Lægreid entered the field of molecular biology which she applied in cancer research. Lægreid played a central role in the establishment of the national functional genomics research programme where she also headed the NTNU platform-node of the National Consortium of Microarray Technology. Lægreid has pursued epistemic and socio-ethical questions as a central part of her efforts to transform her cancer research strategies from traditional molecular cell biology into a systems biology approach.

Current position: Professor in functional genomics, Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine, NTNU; Past university leadership positions:  Vice Dean, Research, of the Medical faculty, NTNU, 1996-1999; Prorector, Research and Innovation of NTNU, 2005-2009


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