– Rational development of anti-cancer drug combinations


The biological sciences are producing impressive amounts of information about how cells function in normal or diseased states. There is now so much knowledge that it is becoming possible to use computers to accurately model the behaviour of cells and predict how they will respond to changes in the environment, or to drugs.

Many scientists believe that this new field of Systems Medicine will soon make it possible to use computer model simulations to select the best treatment for individual patients, and allow personalised medicine. This requires scientists from many different backgrounds to work together, in order to develop the different technologies and approaches that need to integrated in order to efficiently use everything we know about specific cells, design a model that mimics the cell’s behaviour in a computer program, and can be used by doctors in a hospital to offer tailor-made therapy to a patient.

In the DrugLogics project we will use recent discoveries made in our research at NTNU, integrate different technologies and analyse them as a practical test for treatment of patients with very specific types of cancer. The project will reflect on it’s own work in order to identify and assess key societal concerns emerging in the innovation systems that have the potential to transform medicine.

Can computers help cure cancer?

Watch this YouTube video where Åsmund Flobak explains how computer simulations can help us search through millions of drug combinations to find the right one for each cancer and each patient.

More information on the DrugLogics project on the website of Centre for Digital Life Norway.