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I am responsible for the study programmes Master in Medical Imaging Technologies, and postgraduate MR education for radiographers. In research, MRS and MRI are central methods, applied to autoimmune inflammatory diseases. My research focuses on biomarkers for inflammation in autoimmune diseases, and psoriatic disease in particular. A key interest is the effects on psoriasis by interventions leading to weight-loss. Current research aims to bring more understanding of the role of adipose tissue in psoriatic disease by combining weight-loss intervention with broad molecular profiling.


Chemist, with PhD in Medical Technology (NTNU). Experienced in MR spectroscopic analysis of fluids and tissue samples, mainly aplied in studies of cancer and other diseases.


Work Experience:

2016 -          Associate Professor; NTNU, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

2014 - 2015: Associate Professor; HiST, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

2011 - 2014: Associate Professor; HiST, Department of Technology

2005 - 2011: Postdoc, researcher and coordinator; NTNU, Medical Faculty

2003 - 2004: PhD student; St. Olavs Hospital

1997 - 2003: Researcher and PhD student; SINTEF Unimed


2004: PhD in Medical Technology (NTNU)

1996: MsC in Chemistry (NTNU)


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