Background and activities

I am a researcher and designer from Turkey. I have an MSc degree from IZTECH in industrial design (2015-2017). For my bachelors I studied industrial design in Turkey (2009-2015), and did semesters abroad in France and Spain. I also have a pedagogical formation education, and worked in academia for 4 years in Turkey (2016-2020). As a designer I am interested in design - craft's relation to our current society and culture.

In my doctoral research, I aim to explore human-material connections in design culture. I focus on human-material connections in design and making practices based on experimental trials and processes, to find ways to develop materials and artefacts that are more suited for living together with the world. Although designing objects/artefacts/things from human needs has been the main approach in the current design discourse; influences from more-than-human approaches amongst others emphasize the need that we should include nonhuman entities (the earth, materials etc.) in our design process. To include nonhuman entities into design, I connect nonhuman theories with traditional ecological knowledge from different geographies, which also provides a connection to older traditions and lifestyles that can make our living more sustainable today.  My past design works help me with connecting my work with old traditions, such as patterns. 

Below is my website for selected research and design projects. Also, my CV is attached in my profile for more detailed information.