Background and activities


Numerical methods in the fields

  • Finite Element Methods; formulations and implementation
  • Structural analysis and dynamics
  • Aluminum extrusion, fluid flow
  • Geometric modeling; element mesh and CAD 





Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Sivertsen, Ole Ivar; Haugen, Bjørn. (2018) Automation in the Virtual Testing of Mechanical Systems. Taylor & Francis. 2018. ISBN 9780429879074.
  • Bell, Kolbein; Haugen, Bjørn; Nilsen, Roald; Skard, Arne Chr.. (1996) Brukerhåndbok for LAMbda : beregning og dimensjonering av plane trekonstruksjoner. 1996. ISBN 82-7482-028-2.

Part of book/report

  • Mathisen, Kjell Magne; Bazilevs, Yuri; Haugen, Bjørn; Helgedagsrud, Tore Andreas; Kvamsdal, Trond; Okstad, Knut Morten; Raknes, Siv Bente. (2017) A comparative study of beam element formulations for nonlinear analysis: corotatinal vs. geometrically exact formulations. MekIT’17 - Ninth national conference on Computational Mechanics.
  • Jahani, Nazanin; Berge, Geir; Haugen, Bjørn. (2014) Prediction of rock strength with matrix acidizing stimulation and induced wormhole by computational simulation methods. EUROCK 2014 - Rock Engineering and Rock Mechanics: Structures in and on Rock Masses.
  • Raknes, Siv Bente; Mathisen, Kjell Magne; Haugen, Bjørn; Deng, Xiaowei; Bazilevs, Yuri; Kvamsdal, Trond. (2013) Isogeometric Rotation-free Large-deformation Euler-Bernoulli Beam Formulation. MekIT'13 Seventh National Conference on Computational Mechanics, Trondheim 13-14 May 2013.
  • Raknes, Siv Bente; Mathisen, Kjell Magne; Haugen, Bjørn; Kvamsdal, Trond; Bazilevs, Yuri; Deng, X. (2013) Isogeometric analysis of non-linear 3D Euler-Bernoulli beams. Proceedings of the 26th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics.