Background and activities

My research focuses on how environmental pollutants affects animals. The focus is particularly on the effects of  environmental pollutans on endocrine systems (hormone systems and vitamin balance).  How do endocrine disrupting pollutants affect the animals ability to survive, reproduce, and to adapt to natural or antropogenic changes in the environment (such as climate change)? My research group has research activity both in the field in Norway and in the Arctic (Svalbard), and in the lab. We have effects in a range of species that are naturally exposed to environmental pollutants: zooplankton, cod, frogs, birds such as ptarmigan, house sparrow, european shag, eider duck, kittiwake, Brünnich's guillemot, glaucous gull and ivory gull, and mammals such as harbour seal, grey seal, hooded seal, ringed seal, bearded seal, walrus, white whale and polar bear. Through a comparative approach to environmental toxicology we obtain knowledge on sensitive species and functional effects of endocrine disrupters on wildlife and ecosystems.



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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