Background and activities

I'm an Assistant Professor at the Department of Teacher Education.


Academic interests

  • Language mixing
  • Syntax
  • Morphology
  • Heritage languages (American Norwegian)



  • NORD1102: Grammar and Pragmatics (the syntax part) - fall 2017
  • NORD6102: Scandinavian Linguistics - Contemporary (online course, responsible for the syntax and morphology part) - fall 2017
  • NORD2311: Variation, Structure and Theory: Norwegian as a Second Language - spring 2018
  • NORD6011: Norsk språk i et globalisert samfunn - spring 2018
  • SPRÅK3210: Linguistic Theory and Comparative Grammar - spring 2018


My doctoral project:

In my project, I investigate the morphosyntax of American Norwegian noun phrases that show mixing between Norwegian and English. American Norwegian is the variety spoken by Norwegians who settled in the US roughly from the 1850s and onwards, and their descendants. The extensive contact with English has left its mark on the variety as for instance language mixing, typically characterized by English content items occurring together with Norwegian functional material, and I am interested in what these mixed phrases can tell us about the structure of Norwegian noun phrases and also about the principles of mixing. Theoretically, I follow an exoskeletal approach to grammar, where the general claim is that syntactic structures provide a skeleton or frame in which functional or substantial items are inserted. Functional components are analyzed as realizations of functional feature bundles in the structure, whereas content items are inserted into designated, open slots. Besides the typical mixing patterns in American Norwegian noun phrases, I also work on the more unexpected occurrence of the English plural –s, gender, as well as possible diachronic changes in the mixing patterns. The goals of my project are to provide a formal analysis of mixed American Norwegian noun phrases, and to demonstrate how an exoskeletal grammar is ideally suited to capture these empirical patterns at the same time as it complies with the ideal of a null theory of language mixing. 

Supervisors: Tor Anders Åfarli and Terje Lohndal




Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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