Background and activities

Bruheim group focuses on Deep Phenotyping of prokaryotic and eukaryotic model systems using Advanced Cultivation Technology and Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics, Fluxomics and Lipidomics ( Bruheim is scientific leader of the NT faculty Mass Spectrometry lab ( We have developed a suite of target and non-target MS methods ( which we apply on a range of biological model systems and research questions. 



Bruheim is leader of the 2-years and 5-years study programs in Biotechnology (MSBIOTECH and MBIOT5). He teaches in TBT4140 Biochemical Engineering, TBT4110 Microbiology, TKP4170/71 Process Designs, Projects Biochemical Engineering Plant Design,  BT8120Prokaryote Molecular Biology and Synthetic Biology, MEDT8010 Metabolomics - Methods and Applications


Current projects:

Trond Mohn Stiftelse: “Targeting AMR by inhibition of bacterial stress responses” (2019-2023)

NTNU Biotechnology programme: “Chemically defined cell culture media” (2019-2022)

NTNU IBT PhD: “Inhibition of antibiotic resistance development through targeting bacterial translesion synthesis mechanism with novel peptide drugs” (2017-2022)

8-10 ad hoc Metabolomics/ Fluxomics Lipidomics projects (NT-faculty, NTNU, National, International)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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