Background and activities

I am Management Engineer with a master in computer simulation from the University of Bergen, with a PhD in Sustainability Studies from the University of Adger. Currently Associate Professor in NTNU Institute for Manufacturing and Civil Engineering in Gjøvik.

My main competence is analysis using simulation tools. I had worked in different fields, caring out simulation and quantitative analyses for development of decision making tools in complex problems. I have build simulation models for financial analysis and process improvement. I have also been involved in cost and procurement analysis projects.  In the Health sector I have collaborated with simulation of patient flow and logistics. In the World Bank I worked with carbon offset projects of CO2 and climate change adaptation in Latin America and the Caribbean. Working together with UN Environment, UNDP and Millennium Institute I have developed simulation models for policy analysis in the context of Green Economy and the Agenda 2030 for SDGs achievement and accelerators. 

In my master thesis I carried out experiments with real time decision makers using computer simulation models to test misperception of delays in reaching the Kyoto Protocol. My PhD focused on decision making in the context of Sustainable Development and the effect that timeframes has on the outcome of such decisions mainly in the manufacturing sector. 

Currently my research is focus on digital twin/simulation/data analysis in manufacturing merged with circular manufacturing. 


  • Computer Simulation 
  • System Thikning
  • System Dynamics
  • Experimental economics
  • Sustainable Development
  • Decision making
  • Network Theory  
  • Data science

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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