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Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

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The Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering develops innovative and sustainable solutions for society. We research modern and sustainable industrial processes, construction processes, design, renewable materials and technologies. 

Our engineering students gain scientific insight and practical experience from lectures, interactive classes, and laboratory projects – addressing today's major societal challenges.

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Our head of departement Torbjørn Skogsrød

Our student advisor Tron Harald Torneby

Telephone 61 13 52 62

Email adm@ivb.ntnu.no

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Building B, Teknologiveien 22, 2815 Gjøvik

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Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering, NTNU, 2821 Gjøvik

Create a more sustainable society. We have an international masters programme in sustainable manufacturing and doctoral education (PhD).

In our labs, researchers and students can produce prototypes, measure and test new sustainable solutions.

Our focus areas are manufacturing engineering, advanced and sustainable composites, as well as digital twins for sustainable built environment.