Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering


The Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering has an academic education and research profile that will contribute to solving the key global societal challenges; development of sustainable solutions in industry and society.

This profile includes research on modern industrial processes, using new and recycled materials, new technologies and application of new organizational structures and business models.

Research Groups

The Norwegian Research Laboratory of Universal Design

The Norwegian Research Laboratory for Universal Design is the largest of its kind in Europe. At the laboratory, all matters related to vision, hearing and mobility with regard to buildings, outdoor areas, transport and design are studied.

Norwegian Manufacturing Research Centre

An interdisciplinary center for research on manufacturing, coordinates research infrastructure and strengthens basic scientific research linked to manufacturing in Norway. Topics are among others sustainable products and manufacturing processes, new business models, Industry 4.0., product development.

Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

We can produce components in polyamide or metal using the latest additive manufacturing technology in state of the art production facilities. Our equipment consists of Arcam A2X for metal and EOS P395 for polyamide manufacturing.

Sustainable Manufacturing

The research activities of our group are focused on the development of sustainable industry through investigation, improvements and implementation of manufacturing technologies, industrial automation, material studies, innovative management, sustainable assessment, strategic planning and knowledge management.

Sustainable energy

The groups collaborates with Eidsiva Bioenergy AS on research on sustainable energy with focus on system studies, renewable energy / bioenergy, combustion, drying and emission.

Geomatics Lab

Geomatics Lab supports geomatics activities, primarily related to teaching, but also to research in geomatics. It offers a collection of equipment (instruments and software).